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What is the perfect product!

What is the perfect product!

What is a perfect product... we have often wondered? Something that will be the awesomest thing in the world for everyone who has it. While articles have been written that there is no such thing, we always like to think otherwise.

While it's true that each person comes with his/her own parameters in judging a product, there has got to be something that rises above all this and comes across as a perfect product.

The answer is simple. It's undoubtedly 'Food'.

It is the only commodity that caters to all 5 senses, if you give it a deeper thought.


The Makhana Travel Dairy

The Makhana Travel Dairy

Makhana or fox nuts are one of the healthiest snacking items available. It sort of tastes like popcorn, but is possibly 50 times healthier (For a full health benefit, see link given below).

Which means we had to figure some twist to this amazing snack item, keeping up our #twistintraditional ethos. Seeing they already come in a a few flavours of the shelves, we decided to do something a little more interesting.

We decided to make the Makhana travel! Seeing India is such a diverse set of cultures, traditions, people and cuisines, we figured why not let the Makhana discover...

Snacks 2.0


And snacking will not be the same again !

Because we have just reinvented it.

See, Click, download !