About Us

We are small team that believes in two things:

1. Where there is something to eat, there is a way !

2. Traditional is awesome. With a little twist.


To provide the ultimate 'Twist In Traditional' snacks. Because it becomes twice as nice!

Because we have a snack for this !


Snacking is the ultimate indulgence.

We are changing the very foundation of relishing good snacks.

We, at snaximum bring that familiar traditional flavour, to your fingertips. With a twist.


To be honest, the 'super moms' were truly the inspiration for Snaximum. They, with that magic touch, can make even the blandest of food taste just out of this world. Perhaps that's why the apron was created, as a cape, to honour them as 'Super heroes'


Snaximum is an ode to super moms and super chefs. We take extreme pride and delight in having them on board. We hope you will honour them with your appetite !


Owned by and contact:

Snaximum is fully owned by Idea Bag Consulting Pvt Ltd, a company registered under the companies act India, 1950.

The corporate office is on Fun Republic Lane, Andheri West, Mumbai.

You can contact us via contact@snaximum.com, and via 9819535695 / 9035801888. We will be honest - mails will get you a faster response!