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About Us


We were looking for a really good snack. We went forward, we went back!

We went here, we went there, but we found nothing anywhere.

Then it hit us at last! We went back to our past!

A 'Twist in Traditional' was the way ahead! You will be in love, nuff' said!



We are a Traditional में Twist snacking house. We take a much loved traditional snack and give it a delighful little twist. Each product is richly and lovingly crafted to preserve our heritage while infusing a new global and yummy taste, rich and healthy ingredients and the highest quality standards.



To keep our culture, heritage and traditions alive, through great food, with the highest commitment to taste, quality and hygiene, in that order. 




Our 'super moms' were truly the inspiration for Snaximum,. With their magic touch, they can make the most amazing superfood. We know the apron was created as a cape for them! 



We are proudly 'Made in India'. 

Snaximum is fully owned by Idea Bag Consulting Pvt Ltd, a company registered under the companies act India, 1950.


The corporate office is Pramukh Heights, Fun Republic Lane, Andheri West, Mumbai.

 Email us at,  Contact / WhatsApp at 9819535695 / 9035801888.