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The Makhana Travel Dairy

Makhana or fox nuts are one of the healthiest snacking items available. It sort of tastes like popcorn, but is possibly 50 times healthier (For a full health benefit, see link given below).

Which means we had to figure some twist to this amazing snack item, keeping up our #twistintraditional ethos. Seeing they already come in a a few flavours of the shelves, we decided to do something a little more interesting.

We decided to make the Makhana travel! Seeing India is such a diverse set of cultures, traditions, people and cuisines, we figured why not let the Makhana discover new places and imbibe the best the place has to offer.

Thus was born The Gunpowder Makhana. Also called as Milagai Podi Makhana.

Milagai Podi, or gunpowder is a highly loved spicy chutney mix generally had with Idli and Dosa. South Indian's aside, even our friends up North (read Delhi, Punjab, UP) love this spicy mix. Milagai Podi is as traditionally South as you can get, and we are delighted to make this our first stop for the Makhana


We went a step ahead and figured that Coffee is one of the best loved items in the South of India. Indeed, instant coffee is an exceptional favourite all over India.

Coffee is one of the best flavours, something we don't even need to vouch for. Consumed since 1600 AD, Indian coffee is known to be the finest shade coffee in the world. And 80% of the grown coffee is exported to many European countries. 

And we decided that this flavour has to become part of our Makhana. Thus was born the #Makhanalatte. It is distinct, as it comes with chocolate or dark chocolate coating with a first time ever coffee core.

You have to taste it to believe something can be this yummy, this healthy, and this level of #twistintraditional.

Get them here:

Gunpowder Makhana


Coffee Makhana




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