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What is the perfect product!

What is a perfect product... we have often wondered? Something that will be the awesomest thing in the world for everyone who has it. While articles have been written that there is no such thing, we always like to think otherwise.

While it's true that each person comes with his/her own parameters in judging a product, there has got to be something that rises above all this and comes across as a perfect product.

The answer is simple. It's undoubtedly 'Food'.

It is the only commodity that caters to all 5 senses, if you give it a deeper thought.

While we all come with our idiosyncrasies, the 5 senses remain the same in all of us and function the same, in all of us. That, we cannot deny as that is a gift of nature.

You can judge food by how it feels to the touch. Whether it is a soft spongy cake, or a harder crunchy cookie, or a brittle ice gola, the touch sensation is unmatched.

You can judge food by its smell.

You can judge judge food by how it looks. Possibly, the most important element.

You can judge food by its taste. And possibly the second most important element

And in varying intensities, you can judge food by sound. Crunchy food will cracke in your mouth. A sizzler will sizzle. The sound of frying can be intoxicating. The gurgling or sipping sound while having a drink, a little crude but relished nonetheless. It's an endless list!

So yes, while there are many amazing products, there is none as perfect as food.

We all love it. or Maybe not. But we will still have an opinion and it's ubiquitous and inescapable.

To food then! Bon apetit.

And is delighted to bring this perfect product to you in different flavours, looks and innovation!

Come join us on this journey as we discover perfection!

Next time we will talk about how perfect is perfect and if there is a perfect food!




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