Snaximum Twist in Traditional

FAQs (Frequently asked questions)

Each one of you is extremely important to us. While we understand you may have a lot of questions and we will be more than happy to answer all of them, we have put together some common questions and answers. We hope you may find answers here. You are still welcome to contact us at for any other queries

1. How long will the products take to get delivered

Ans - We prepare our items and ship it across. Generally we need 3-4 days for preparation and delivery. Sometimes we deliver faster than this if we can manage. We understand you want it immediately

2. What about any preservatives, artificial colors etc?

Ans - We don't use any preservatives. That's why you get freshly prepared products at your doorstep. Some may have a little bit of organic color added to give them an appearance.

We don't believe in preservatives and we ship our products after informing you all about the storing conditions and the number of days the product has to be consumed in.

3. What is the shelf life?

Ans - Depends on each product. While it is listed in product details, in general most products have a shelf life of 6 months if unopened and 2 weeks if stored properly

4. Can I get a discount?

Ans - Sometimes we offer discounts on our products. We may occasionally have offers. We request you to subscribe to our newsletter to keep yourself updated.

5. What goes into making these products?

Ans - We have our Snackcharmers labs where we are constant innovating and trying out interesting twist in traditional snack items. Our head chefs have over 30+ years experience and are from top culinary institutes in the country. We source absolutely fresh ingredients and many of our products are healthy (baked or roasted).

Each item comes with its unique flavour and recipe. We have spent months in testing these and we are only happy when you are, as a customer.

6. How hygienic is the preparation area

Ans - We are here to give you the best experience possible. Snaximum has been founded by people from tier 1 MBA and the top arts colleges in the country. We are extremely paranoid about hygiene follow the strictest procedures in ensuring quality. 

If you are dissatisfied for any reason, we would want you to write to and we will ensure action within 24 hours

7. Do you have a shop?

Ans - We are purely an online shop currently. You place an order online and it gets delivered. We will be going retail soon, and we will be keeping you all informed.

If you wish to pick up the items, you may place an order and pick it up from our HQ at Fun Republic Lane, Andheri West, Mumbai

8. I have an interesting thought, how can I share with you?

Ans - We love interesting thoughts. Please mail us on

9. What are the payment modes I have?

Ans - We are here to make it as convenient to you as possible.

You can pay by card, cash on delivery or Paytm