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How Do I Know My Chocolate Is Real Or Fake - Some Chocolate For Thought

How many times have you looked at the label of a chocolate product you pick off the shelves at the supermarket? The one factor the majority fall prey to is buying a packet of cookies or biscuits or even your good old chocolate cakes, completely unaware that what you are buying is not even chocolate, but a low-cost alternative for the same! Yes, you heard it right – many brands and products marketing their SKUS as chocolaty treats use Compound, one of the lowest quality materials often used by bakers and manufacturers to cut down their expense on production. It costs less than half of what an actual chocolate costs.


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The other day while I was browsing through an online grocery store, I came across a well-packaged and premium-looking brand of biscuits. Digging deeper into it, I found out the company is a well-known new-age one with a multiple line of products. The brand is marketed as a healthy offering with various flavours including cookies in everyone’s favourite chocolate flavour. Well, except the company does not use pure chocolate. They are a part of the Compound gang too.

Many years ago, while attending a special chocolates class of a well-known culinary expert, I remember the instructor telling us that Compound does not even qualify as chocolate. So, if you see any packet of compound, even though it tastes the same as chocolate, the manufacturer can’t even write ‘chocolate’ on its packaging legally.

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During a routine trip to my baking supplies shop last year, I was told by the store manager that the dark chocolate I wanted to buy wasn’t available with him at that time. When I questioned him on why a place exclusively for bakers was out of stock for a common ask like mine, he retorted saying that the demand for real chocolate is way lesser compared to Compound, which is why he prefers stocking the latter.

With a growing base of home-bakers, what I do appreciate is their honesty in letting their customers know the difference in their final product’s price. So, if you go for a compound-based chocolate flavour cake, you will certainly spend lesser from your pocket. But just to let you know since I did not mention it before, Compound is a product made with cocoa and does not use cocoa butter, one of the main ingredients of a real couverture chocolate. The cheaper brother instead contains vegetable fats like palm oil instead of cocoa butters and well, its not real chocolate! Period.

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