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Five Reasons Why You Should Include Jowar In Your Diet

My first introduction to Sorghum, better known as Jowar in India started with my Maharashtrian house help dishing out some yummy bhakris (rotis) for us for our daily lunch. Whenever she went to her village, she brought back the superfood freshly ground from her fields. I learnt that farmers of Maharashtra consume Jowar as a part of their daily diet, as it energises them better than regular wheat and enables them to carry out their labourious work for longer hours.

There is an increasing trend of health foods and snacks hitting the retail shelves and online space for a while now. Be it cakes, brownies, cookies or breads, the food sector has jumped on to the gluten free trend with full force. That there is an availability of these items indicates that the need and demand on part of the customers is consistently growing. With the COVID 19 pandemic hitting the world, people have and are further expected to move towards a sustainable and not just fad-based healthy consumption.

So here are five reasons for you to start consuming a healthier food, jowar if you have not already!

  1. Immunity Booster – With the advent of Coronavirus last year, everyone started running towards immunity boosting foods. However, a lot of our Indian humble everyday meals have for generations kept us healthy anyway. This is where jowar also comes in. Rich in magnesium, copper and calcium, it keeps our bones happy. The flour is also rich in iron that works to enhance our immunity.
  2. Gluten Free – As already mentioned before, the versatile sorghum is devoid of gluten, a protein generally found in whole wheat, refined flour, barley etc. While most people get away eating gluten as a part of their everyday meals, a lot of people are making a conscious move towards gluten free foods for better digestion, avoiding bloating, gas and to maintain weight.
  3. Great Option for Diabetics – Jowar takes time to get digested, hence promoting a gradual rise in blood sugar. Full of fiber and other nutrients, the flour works towards lowering cholesterol levels and enhancing insulin sensitivity.
  4. Improves Digestion- Gut health is so important isn’t it? The shift I made from wheat to jowar and other gluten free flours has brought about positive results with me feeling more healthy overall. Eating even one jowar roti as opposed to two wheat rotis will keep you full for a longer time. The super food is known to make digestion better with its generous fiber content, further arresting issues like bloating and cramping post eating.
  5. A versatile Food – Apart from the usual health benefits that cannot be discounted, jowar is an extremely dynamic food to play around with. Cookies, brownies, cakes, you can incorporate this into any of these foods to give it a healthy twist, without compromising on the original taste.

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